Designing something takes a lot of time and effort, but there are ways to make your work easier (and better). One of these tried and true methods is designing for the grid. There are many reasons why this is true, but below are the most basic arguments for the simplicity of the grid.

  1. The Grid keeps your content organized.
    Kind of a no-brainer right? Designing with a grid encourages alignment which will help you create a clean and organized layout.
  2. It will help you keep your designed balanced
    Having a grid makes it easier to standardize the size of your elements, which will allow you to easily figure out and create elements that you want to pop out. For example, if you have a three column design, perhaps an important piece of info like a header will span all three columns.
  3. Multi-page layouts will stay consistent
    Sure you might not have the same layout on each page, but designing in a grid will add consistency by giving you a spacing and size format to work with.
  4. Laying out type-heavy designs will be easier to create/ easier to read
    Designing in a grid makes it easier to set type into columns which will make the type more organized and easier to read.

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